Issue 6: London Book Fair has kicked off, Scribd bags a new COO

Happy London Book Fair everyone! You’re reading Issue 6 of Book The Trend — an industry newsletter on the future of publishing — released on April 10th, 2018. 

“It’s very much a creature of the times”

Peter Jackson’s attorney on Amazon’s $1billion 5-season TV adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

From Edinburgh to the boroughs of New York (and beyond!)
Indie publisher Canongate are trying their luck in the US of A. The Scottish publisher are planning to increase their presence in the US and release 19 titles there this year. They’ll start with their best feet forward; namely publishing a children’s book by superstar Matt Haig and a gripping historical novel set in 19th century Edinburgh. Canongate tasted sweet US success in 2017 with The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump by Rob Sears. Canongate publisher Jamie Byng reckons the success of the title was due to the publisher’s ability to react quickly to trending topics. More here.

Bonjour France! Je m’appelle Kobo
Kobo has launched its audiobooks in the French market in tandem with Fnac (the retail chain) and Orange (the phone provider). More than 5000 French audiobooks are now available via the Fnac app. Rakuten Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn explains that, while Kobo is not first to market with audiobooks (oh hai Amazon), they bided their time for a reason, “Our aim was to present the best possible catalogue of books,” he explained, “to encourage French readers to get to know audiobooks in the best way possible.” He also revealed Kobo’s plans to produce original audio content. Magnifique! Lire more here.

Every little helps  
193 book reviewers, authors, and publishing peeps have written an open letterto publishers to encourage them to cut down on waste by switching to using recyclable materials when sending books out for review. The letter is digital.

Be still my dripping heart while I gaze on your pulsating member
Sceptre will publish New Erotica For Feminists, a parody of erotic fiction dubbed this year’s ultimate stocking filler *ahem*. Written by the editors of The Belladonna, the idea started as a post on McSweeney’s. It went viral and they bagged a book deal. #SexyResults

From Slide to Square to Scribd
Book subscription service Scribd have hired Jared Fliesler as COO. He will lead the company’s product, growth, marketing, recruiting, and general operations (phew!). Scribd has seen a double-digit increase in engagement since it shifted to an unlimited subscription model in February 2018. Fliesler says,”Scribd is partnering with publishers to define the future of digital publishing, and I am excited to help the company in this new phase of its success.” This will be a fascinating one to watch. Press release is here.

Note: If this position doesn’t work out, my money’s on Fliesler joining Squarespace next. Or maybe Skillshare.

FutureBook 40 is here
Cast your eyes on the most innovative players in UK publishing here (according to The Bookseller!) I mean they obvi left out Book The Trend and that’s a huge colossal oversight but, hey, next year.

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